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2013 Is here! Things are always happening here at the Motor Speedway. Check back to the site often for updates on news and events, otherwise get out to the track and let's go racing!
Racing Schedule
Grand Junction Motor Speedway can provide the ultimate experience for your employees, customers and friends. Our staff can help you customize a racing program to suit your needs. If it's one on one racing for smaller groups, or team building endurance racing, your event will give your guests the thrill of hi-speed racing fun.

Booking your own track time guarantees your group it's own exclusive use of the track. We provide the karts, safety equipment, instruction, timing and scoring, and track management. GJMS can also provide hospitality, catering and entertainment.

GJMS is the perfect place to hold birthday, bachelor, and graduation parties. Participants will compete in our equally prepared Spec Racers. Following your events on track activities, the top finishers will receive awards during your special podium awards celebration. The karts are safe and easy to drive for all ages and levels of experience

Open Track 6-10 people, 4 x 15 minute sessions with no timing nor scoring. Group receives exclusive use of the track for 1.5 hours in Spec-Racer Karts. Minimum Fee $600.00. Additional Drivers above 10 are $60.00 per Driver. May require additional Kart Rotations and extended on-site time depending upon number of Drivers and number of available Karts. $750.00
Grand Prix

10 people, 1x 10 minute practice, 1 x 10 minute qualifying, 2 x 8 lap heats, 1 x 6 lap semi-final (if needed), and 1 x 12 lap main. Podium awards to top three finishers. Maximum of 10 Drivers for Main Event.

(up to10 drivers)

(per additional driver up to 20 drivers)
One Hour Enduro

10-16 people, 1 x 10 minute practice per driver, and one-hour enduro race. Race will include pit stops and driver changes. Podium awards will be presented to top-three teams.

(up to 16 drivers)

(per additional driver up to 30 drivers. Maximun of 10 Teams.)
Two Hour Enduro 20-30 people, 1 x 10 minute practice per driver ( 5 minute practice of group exceeds 40 people), and two-hour endurance race. Race will include pit stops, Driver changes, and a mandatory red flag for kart re-fueling and maintenance at the halfway point. Red flag time stops the clock on event. Podium presented to top 3 teams. $2,500.00
(up to 20 drivers)

(per additional driver up to 48 drivers. Maximum of 10 Teams.)